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How do you stand out from the hub of job seekers when applying for a job?

You might be a potential candidate__


You aren’t the only one aspirant who is longing for a vocation__

As it has become more arduous to get a job during this pandemic… So, meanwhile, the competition has increased too…

Now in this situation what you have to do?

Have you any suggestions?

___ (NO) ____

Ohhhh! You haven’t any

No No No…. Don’t be sad!

Let’s discuss how you can be a more potential candidate than other__

An Updated Resume

A job description should include your previous jobs and mention specifically the roles you have done. It will tell your previous experiences and explain the roles you have performed earlier and with that, the company can analyze how you will be helpful for the company you are applying to now.

What you must have!

As your resume is the first impression of your qualities and experience. So, it ought to be updated according to your latest experience that helps the Hiring Manager to know about your expertise and experience.

Because an updated resume is a direct way to concisely showcase your portfolio__ works as concrete evidence of your experience, research, abilities, educational history, awards, and exceptional skills__

Build an Online Portfolio

If you are aiming to beat other candidates, build a professional online portfolio either on Facebook or LinkedIn.

When a company receives your resume or application, they can directly get access to your online portfolio. And there your online portfolio plays as a tool that assists you to grab a chance of the interview.

For example: You and your friend apply for a designer vocation by sending your updated resumes and cover letters having the same experience but only you are called.


Now, what is the difference, because you have an online portfolio that you mention in your resume and that portfolio which are needed during the interview but you indirectly show it before…

So, when a Hiring Manager already knows your work, it’s obvious he will give you a chance first as he gets inspired.

Showcase Your Skills Physically

Now… when you are called for an interview that is a time to showcase your skills physically that are described in your resume and cover letter__ keep in mind you aren’t the only one aspirant__

One of the foremost intentions is to make a great impression that resonates with the interviewer and provides them something to consider for a long time after the interview completes.

Moreover, must prepare some questions for the interviewer that will not only inspire the interviewer that how interested you are but also it will assist you to get more information about the company and position.

So that you can decide either you can do that job or aren’t?

Be Prepared and Confident

“When you have a lot of confidence and you feel like nobody can beat you, it’s game over for everyone else.”– Jason Day

During the interview, you have to represent yourself as a confident and experienced aspirant even if you haven’t much. When the interviewer asks a question about your experience and skills, try crafting it like a story with such a confident tone.

That all preparation you have to do before going to the interview.

Do you know what I did before giving my first interview?

I just simply went to YouTube and searched interview samples attributed to my desired vocation. And just a night before, I watched some videos and almost did an hour of practice in front of my room mirror that I helped me to be fluent during the interview and what’s more the body language__ that counts much__ As YouTube has plenty of knowledge so why don’t you grab something from it and win the job

Learn from Your Past Experience

A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions. __

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

One of the fundamental and important learning is from your own experience because it lasts long if you do introspection that what mistake you did or what was your weaknesses!

It helps you not to repeat and run up against the same miseries…

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