Writing services

ModernCV is a very professional company that provides a variety of services primarily CV writing and LinkedIn profile optimization but not limited to it. We also provide writing services such as Blogs, Website Content Writing, Business Writing, Transcriptions and Translations, SEO Writing, and many more. We provide all of these services with the help of our accredited writers who give their 100 % to provide accurate and plagiarism free content.


In the past, a blog was a more intimate diary than people posted online before blogs started were. You can chat about your everyday life or share stuff you have done in this online journal. Then people saw a chance to share data online in a different way. That is how the lovely blogging world started. There are many reasons why a blog should be opened for personal use and just a few for business blogging. It is very easy for you to blog for business, projects, and everything else that might earn your money – to increase your visibility in Google SERPs, i.e. The regular and better your blog posts are, the more likely your website is, your target audience will be able to discover and visit them. A blog is therefore an important tool to generate leads. Combine your content with a great appeal and your website traffic will be transformed into high-quality leads.

Website Content Writing

For your target audience, your website content should be published. Healthy content is not going to cut it in today's world. You need excellent material. Google is better at satisfying the needs of searchers for relevant knowledge with every algorithm change. How do you create fabulous contents which are loved by Google and your target audience? This is where ModernCV comes in the frame. Our accredited writers write fabulous and eye-catching content, which is SEO friendly so that your content comes on top of every user’s search results. Consider your final game before you put your pen on paper (or keyboard fingers). Want to spread your brand knowledge, gain more clients, engage in conversations with the industry, or get more insights? You must decide on what content you want the guide to be and for what you want it to be effective. You must also decide how these targets are calculated, whether you count the number of leads, newsletters, social shares, or traffic on the website.

Business writing

Business writing is a method of writing intended to produce a market reaction. It is a deliberate writing piece that provides knowledge to allow a reader to know or do something. It should be Substantial, simple, reliable, and quick to search. Our acclaimed writers at ModernCV always take care of the 5 C’s of business writing. They construct marketing and other messages by using the 5 C’s as a guide. The 5 C’s are known as under:

They tend to make the messages simple and purposeful, yet engaging and easy to comprehend with calls to action. Every time we begin a business document (or email) there are two key questions to ask:

Transcripts & Translations

The written version of material created in a different medium, such as auditory and/or video elements, is transcribed. On the other side, the translation market was created by authors with expertise in content creation in multiple languages. Translation has also become common in content writing services with increasing demand for regional content. ModernCV provides world-class translation services in many popular languages across the globe.

SEO writing

There is no mystery that the amazing material of Google KEY is. Having said that, it is not enough to pump out high-quality content. It also requires valid search engine optimization (SEO) to rank your content. The method of preparing, developing, and optimizing content, also called "SEO writing," is designed to rank search engines. SEO writing is also known as SEO writing. It might sound weird, but before you write a single word the SEO writing process begins. This is because you have to write content that is valuable to your target audience to succeed with SEO and content marketing.